Kestrel nesting camera 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

June 13   Female does not enter nest, male peeks in 5-6 times a day. 

June 3   58 second movie hope for a brood in 2019. 111 second movie 4 Kestrels fight for perch.

May 15   Past 4 weeks she is in box 4-5 times a day but no eggs. Male with her as egg laying support couch.

April 26  The pair are fine.

April 8  39 second movie Kestrels with prey.  Perch camera.

April 3  110 second movie day at the Kestrel perch. (low sound

March 31  39 second movie test Kestrel perch camera. (low sound)

March 29  46 second movie female Kestrel scratches nest. (w/sound)

March 28  40 second movie male Kestrel checks nest. (w/sound)

March 26  Female roosts.

March 11  Female flies in nest.

February 23 Male called a female and both stayed in tree near nest.

February 13 Male perched near nest and surrounding trees.


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