Kestrel nesting camera 2018
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

June 15  The last of the five Kestrels have fledged. I may have some photos to upload. 

June 1 Assorted prey bird, bird 2, bug, bug 2, lizzard, rodent, rodent 2.

May 17 35 second movie male and female with nestlings and egg.

May 16  32 second movie Kestrel hatching. 1 minute movie Kestrel feeding hatchlings.

May 4 Male Kestrel in nest.

May 2 This pair seem to share egg sitting duties fairly evenly.

April 29 Day of the invaders. 28 second movie honeybee and Kestrel and 9 second movie Starling peeks at Kestrel eggs.

April 20 14 second movie Kestrel laying fifth egg.

April 18 They began sitting on eggs. First chick possibly May 16th. 

April 17 Fourth egg and 25 second movie male Kestrel bringing food to female in nest.

April 16 30 second movie male Kestrel on 3 eggs.

April 15 Third egg.

April 13 Second egg.

April 10 30 second movie female Kestrel in nesting box. First egg layed.

April 9 Nest camera is live. Installing second camera aimed at telephone pole, maybe by May 20.

April 5 Female spends hours looking at nest.

April 2 Both are prolific hunters, often they leave and seem to immediately return with prey.

March 12 At night.the female stays in nesting box.

March 10 Perching on a telephone pole close by to eat their prey.

February 13 Unusually warm weather and kestrels were seen mating. 

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Camera updates are off until spring