Kestrel nesting box camera 2020
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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May 21   48 second movie male spends night in nest.

May 15   Male does not roost every night in box.

May 12   Throughout the day a pair of starlings check nest.

May 2, 3   32 second movie male roosts in nest. No female.

April 28  Female entered box. Seemed like the pair might choose a different nest cavity.

 April 25 33 second movie Kestrels meet at telephone pole.

April 21  Pair do not enter box often. European Starlings seen.

April 18 30 second movie male Kestrel with prey

April 16 Male roosts in box. Pair are mating.

April 12 26 second movie female Kestrel checks nest.

April 11 Male and a new female seen by nest. If we walk by she takes flight and circles ready to dive bomb.

March 3   Male seen with prey around nest. Has not attracted female.

February 29   Last year female did not lay eggs, looked sick and presumably died  

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