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Kestrel nesting cam 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

July 6 Magpies moved on. Arial fireworks were close, scaring quail and other birds. Saw 2 falcons today.

July 1 Young are very noisy, flying around, chasing smaller birds, and seem to play "king of the branch"

June 30 Magpies surround and harass the falcons but the young don't seem intimidated.

June 29 The young disappeared until today. Counted 5, one may have been mother who stayed and called for them. 1 minute movie 2 kestrels feeding.

June 26 8:03 am last chick to fledge.

June 24 50 second movie of five chicks before they begin to fledge.

June 2 2 1/2 minute movie mouse.

June 1 1 1/2 minute movie mom showing chicks kestrels eat insects.

May 27-29 Firstsecond, thirdfifth chick hatched. 

May 1 2 1/2 minute movie male and female on eggs.

April 26 Began incubation.

April 24 Female's wings spread out.

April First egg, second egg, third eggfourth egg. fifth egg.

April 17 The pair

April 14 Most of the day female perched in or near box. Male brings kill. (mice, moles)

April 13 Using talons on box.

April 3 40 second movie Kestrels preparing nest. Starlings are gone.

March 31 Frequently mating and entering nest.  Male in nest.

March 30 Pair fly away when photographed outside nest. (large glass eye starring at them?)

March 27 Starlings still aggressive.

March 23 Have not seen European Starlings stay after Kestrels arrive. Male chased one. 

March 22 Female and Male watching nesting box.

March 18 Pair mating. Female checking nesting box.

March 8 Female arrived and the pair are watching nesting box.

February 12, 2017 Male seen in trees and watching nesting box.

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